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Agenda: February 07 - 20, 2011 / feat. "phono/graph"

Have you seen the logos on the sidebar? There are two events in Osaka I'm involved in, and they are (among others) the reason why the Agenda will cover two weeks for a few months now. Looking forward to tell you more about those events soon.

"Delete Kraftwerk" by Yukio Fujimoto, 2005

This fortnight's feature:
"phono/graph" at ddd gallery, Osaka
There is no point in putting the above vinyl record on a record player: Its groove has been filled up, no sound will emerge, Kraftwerk's "The Man Machine" is deleted. But in your mind, I'm sure, you now vividly recall some Kraftwerk tunes.

Likewise, "phono/graph—sound ・letters ・graphics-" is an exhibition where you literally can hear with your eyes and see with your ears.

"turn over" by Yukio Fujimoto, 2011

Here, the crumpled paper already suggests it, this is not a book for reading, it is an "audio book": Listen to the rustling sound of the turning pages.

"echo" by softpad, 2011

Script, letters and typography are merely a visual representation of words. However, we can "hear" the sound of these words when we read the text. Moreover, discovering the word "echo" through an magnifying glass in the cryptic pattern above, we will not only hear the spoken word "echo", but also recall its particular sound effect.

The exhibition explores this everyday, yet facinating synaesthetic way of perception from various artistic viewpoints.

Participating artists are: Yukio Fujimoto, Nicole Schmid, softpad, intext and Lyota Yagi. All are from the Kansai region (West Japan -- Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe), since "phono/graph" is an exhibition of ddd gallery's GRAPHIC WEST series, showcasing local artists and designers.

Read more (English and Japanese) about the exhibition concept and the artists on the
event's website.
And if you go there, don't miss the nice little catalog offered for free.
ddd gallery, until March 09; 11:00 - 19:00, on Saturdays until 18:00; closed on Sunday, Monday and on national holidays.


Kyoto Open Studio Katsura (February 11, 12, 13; Untoko Studio 11:00-20:30, Katsura Studio 11:00-19:00).

Kyoto Seika University DESIGN STUDENT EXHIBITION at Kara-S (February 07 - 20; 11:00-20:00, on February 07 from 13:00-20:00, closed on February 15).

Exhibition "(The potential of) MADE IN JAPAN" at the URBAN RESEARCH Kyoto branch in Teramachi street (February 08 - March 06; 11:00 - 21:00).

Exhibition "Various Speeds" at MATSUO MEGUMI+VOICE GALLERY pfs/w (until February 27; 12:00-19:00, on the last day until 17:00, closed on Mondays).

TRANS COMPLEX at Kyoto Art Center (until February 27; 10:00-20:00).

Exhibition "To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Raku Kichizaemon XV - Part II: From Tenmon to Today" at the Raku Museum (until March 13 2011; 10:00 - 16:30, closed on Mondays; admission: 900 Yen; there are special "Handling Sessions" on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month (2000 Yen, includes admission).


Experimental mix of music, dance, and performance
Junkroom Vol 10Junkroom Special Event at UrBANGUILD (February 17; 19:00; tickets: 2000 Yen (incl. 1 drink), advance tickets: 1500 Yen). Previously featured here.


Nakaban Exhibition at Calo Gallery of Calo Bookshop and Cafe (until February 19; 12:00-20:00, on Saturdays until 18:00, on the last day until 17:00, closed on Sundays and Mondays).

Exhibition "Lucie Rie: A Retrospective" at the Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka (until February 13, 2011; 9:30 - 17:00, closed on Mondays (but open on January 10) and on January 11; admission: 900 Yen, discount ticket ).


See with your ears, hear with your eyes
Exhibition "phono/graph" at ddd gallery (until March 09; 11:00 - 19:00, on Saturdays until 18:00; closed on Sunday, Monday and on national holidays).

Foreigner’s Live Art Guide
For more exhibitions and events about art and design in Osaka rely on FLAG.

On the Agenda are events in Kyoto - and also in Osaka and Kobe - that I'm interested in and plan to attend -- shamelessly subjective.
Although the list isn't meant to be complete, I hope it provides some valuable tips for those interested in art and design in Kansai.

Kindly note that the above dates and times are subject to change.

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