Saturday, 2 October 2010

DESIGNEAST 01: Jeski's social campaigns

This is part of my photo report on the Living & Design Satellite and DESIGNEAST 01 in Osaka 2010.


DESIGNEAST 01 introduces the visitors to the social campaigns by the Korean conceptual artist and designer Jeski.
He uses unusual "advertising" spaces to convey socially, politically or environmentally concerned messages most effectively.

The campaign to stop the iraq war, "What Goes Around Comes Around", and other projects can be seen until October 03, or check them here.

And read more about Jeski on The Korea Herald.


  1. plagiarism doubt

  2. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I can't read Korean Hangul, thus can't evaluate the content of the provided link.

    Additionally, recalling the underlying theme of DESIGNEAST 01 "co-creation" and "open source", I wonder if terms like "plagiarism doubt" will be applicable in the future. Cui bono?!!