Saturday, 2 October 2010

DESIGNEAST 01: Fragments of Kyo-to-to

This is part of my photo report on the Living & Design Satellite and DESIGNEAST 01 in Osaka 2010.

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Time to get back to Kyoto...
Here is the latest project by the dyeing and embroidery brand Kyo-to-to: 和片100 洛中洛外図, roughly meaning "100 Fragments of Kyoto".

It perfectly suits the underlying tenor of DESIGNEAST 01, "co-creation": Kyo-to-to provides 6 different tenugui (hand towel) printed with Kyoto's ancient cityscape as well as 100 iron-on patches, depicting court nobels, samurais and common people. But it is up to you to turn the city in a vidid place with festivals, elegant court scenes and burlesque street life.

Available until October 03 at the shops of DESIGNEAST 01.

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