Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ippodo Tea Packages

Over there at SnowMag, I have a column about Japanese Packaging Design. To complete this month’s edition, let me show you here another detail of the Ippodo tea bag package designed by Dainippon Type Organization: The labels of the individual tea bags have a slit to fasten them firmly to the rim of the cup or the spout of the teapot.
Read more about this amazing packaging design here.

Ippodo is a long-established tea company based in Kyoto, and if you are in the city, you might want to visit their main store in Teramachi street, north of Nijo street. Attached to the shop is the tea room Kaboku where you can take your tea experience to the next level. If you are familiar with "matcha" (whipped powdered green tea, 抹茶), try "koicha" (thick tea, 濃茶). Take the translation literally, this tea is THICKER than the usually served "usucha" (thin tea, 薄茶)...  

View KYOTO - Ippodo in a larger map

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