Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Shovel - creative gatherings in Osaka

Shovel Vol. 4 - creative networking in Osaka
Photographer Yuko Tada (多田ユウコ) showed us her works for clients (architecture photography) and her private works.

For networking in Osaka, shovel is your event. In a casual atmosphere, you can meet all kind of creative people -- from architects to designers, artists, photographers and writers.

Talk about your work and projects, give insight into your process, methods and tools, spread the news about upcoming events and share what’s inspiring you. Even philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s thoughts became a topic…

Shovel Vol. 4 - creative networking in Osaka
Hiroyuki Saiki (才木寛之) explained us the tools he uses for his leather covered sculptures.

The talk was mostly in Japanese, but Tetsuya and Duncan, the organizers, will surely assist you with English, if it gets to difficult.

Shovel is a project by OOO -- out of office -- an alternative platform for creative people in Osaka and Kansai.
Another project by OOO is FLAG -- Foreigner's Live Art Guide -- the English art guide for Osaka.

Tentatively, the next shovel will be on April 24, at the OOO space.
Stay tuned to the Agenda for details.

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