Friday, 26 March 2010

Breaker Project Osaka, 2010

(Flickr slideshow)

For the 7th time, breaker project invites to see the area around Shinsekai, Sannou, Tobita and Taishi -- reputed to be one of the poorest and run-down districts of Osaka -- from a different angle: Explore it through art.

Tochka contributed with PIKAPIKA light doodlings involving the people passing by the shopping streets of the neighborhood.
Pictures and videos of these performances are shown at several places (e. g. displayed on the Tsuutenkaku tower).

Paramodel continued their work on "hundred paradisiacal landscapes" with toy installations at several shops in the district -- for example at a club, where people can play go and shogi (Japanese chess). Photographs of the installations are displayed at the respective spot (a bit too inconspicuous, in my opinion) and at Paramodel’s temporary atelier in the south of the area.
At the atelier, "plastic truck yakitori" (chicken skewer) and other "toy car food", used for the installation at an oden-eatery, are shown as well.

And Oki Fukunaga of Deco-Poly decorated a shopping street in the southern part of the district with "hang-art".
At first, these ornaments look like some of these decorations typical for a Japanese shopping street. However, a closer look reveals, they are assembled from plastic hangers, the ones you get for free at the dry cleaner’s.

Until Sunday, March 28.

And thanks to Tetsuya for the guidance!!!

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