Tuesday, 14 April 2009

the current topic #1

reflects my own state of 'being new': Starting a blog about contemporary design as a new resident of such an ancient city as Kyoto.

To find one’s way in a new city
Even though I’ve visited Kyoto several times, living and working here is something completely different. There is so much new to discover and to marvel at. But everyday tasks, on the other hand, become all of a sudden very unfamiliar. "Where is …?" "Where can I…?" Especially now in the beginning, a lot of these Where?-questions are popping up all the time, followed by often lengthy searches. I’d like to share the answers I found--by providing a list of useful services and various maps.

News from the ancient city of Kyoto
Oh yes, shadows of maple leaves patterning the paper covered window of a teahouse do delight me. I adore Japan’s traditional aesthetics. There is so much to learn. But design doesn’t belong in the isolated spheres of museums and history--it belongs in the midst of our lives, into our everyday use.
My articles and blog posts focus therefore on current ideas and contemporary design, on concepts that take up traditions in innovative ways as well as creative momentum of unprecedented ideas.

New to blogging
I am not accustomed to the blogging speed yet; also, I set out to find my own approach to this medium, so it isn’t clear whether the result can be described as a 'blog'...
Read more about the concept.

'New' is relative
When you are 'new', many things, that are quite ordinary to others, seem exciting or difficult. But the more I explore the city or engage in the medium, the more I experience how perceptions of 'new' and 'old' or 'familiar', respectively, shift.
Articles under the topic of 'new' will particularly deal with some aspects of this relativity.

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